Year: 2023

Size: 26 x 21 cm (10 x 8 in), 30 pages

Paper: Smooth semi-matte finish, hardcover

Art Edition of 500 copies

Cost: $85

Shipping: Within Africa ($60), Within America $20), Other Regions ($35)

Liberty 1980 - Tamary Kudita
Liberty 1980 - Tamary Kudita
Liberty 1980 - Tamary Kudita

This 30-page art edition hardcover narrates the photographer’s career through her own lens and her artistic visions from 2019-2023. Captured in these pages is the artists African Victorian series which launched her career and gave birth to the work which was to follow.

This book provides an opportunity for readers to see her work as a whole and piece together the artistic thought which went into creating her photo series. This sublime fine art photo series is embedded with cultural dialogue, untold defiance, fantastical wonder all against the windswept backdrop of Africa. Laced between the pages are salient innuendoes which make for an overall greater offering of the book. The men and women in this book are all part of the African tapestry that is woven by each and every one of us and Kudita’s approach to photography is an ode to that narrative.


Liberty 1980 - Tamary Kudita